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    Our experienced staff of researchers are available, by request, to furnish you with copies of any well records on file at The Railroad Commission of Texas. Data may also be provided from The Texas Water Commission, The Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission, The State Comptroller’s office, The Secretary of State and other state offices.

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Well Logs:

    We have available the entire file of logs held by the Railroad Commission of Texas. New logs are made available to us everyday as they are released by the TX RRC. Also available are the historical logs on file with the General Land Office for wells in the State Waters (Bays and Offshore). The GLO mineral lease number is necessary to access these logs.

    Copies of the logs are available on folded paper or you can request a raster image (TIF file) on CD. Special rates are available to high volume customers

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Area Studies:

    We provide the necessary map work within a requested radius (generally or 2 miles needed for discoveries, injection, disposal or other projects.

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Oil & Gas Production Microfilm Records:

    Texas historic oil and gas production data is available on any oil lease from 1934 to date and gas well from 1937 to date from the production ledgers at the Railroad Commission.

    Our office houses over 5,000 rolls of State duplicated Railroad Commission microfilm, including production, potential and test data.

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Index to Oil & Gas Hearings & New Field Discoveries

    A list, by RRC District, of Exhibits submitted in Oil & Gas Docket Hearings and New Field Discoveries. Detailed description of geological and engineering exhibits, maps, logs, tabulations, graphs, written testimony, etc. filed in each docket. The "Index" was compiled from the mid-1960's until 2001. Copies are available of all items listed. The Index, organized by RRC District and Field Name, is available for purchase on CD.

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Railroad Commission Discoveries & Hearings:

    Geological and Engineering Data

    From 1966 through 2001 our office kept a detailed account of the exhibits and data available from these files. In furnishing you with a “menu” of what is available, you may more efficiently order your required historical data. The index can be a very valuable tool.

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Field Maps and Quad Maps:

    Well data maps built by the Railroad Commission covering many of the more active fields in the State. Including a complete series of offshore maps covering the Texas State Tracts within the three league line. A map list is available upon request at no charge. Quad maps are part of the new Railroad Commission’s “MIMS” digital mapping system. This may be your only source for a map of many producing areas of the State.

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Well Completion Service:

    A weekly service furnishing copies of forms W-2 or G-l on oil and gas well completions, workovers, retests and reclassification and plugging records (form W-3 on abandoned producers and dry holes). Available Statewide this service can be “customized” to furnish only those forms you need in any desired area of the State.

    Hearing Index Sample

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Discovery Service:

    We can send to you the forms P-7s with the area plats that have been filed each week in the particular Railroad Commission District(s) you work in.

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