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Permitting, Filing and Follow-Up: Services:

  • Permit to Drill & Surface Casing Recommendation
    • Expedited services are available through our geologist Roland Baker, when you need your permit FAST or wish to prevent delays due to applications which require correction.
    • We can prepare all paperwork including the location plat.
  • Salt Water Disposal and Fluid Injection Applications
    • A particular specialty of ours, these are among the most difficult applications to file and be successfully approved.
  • Also:
    • New Field Designation Applications
    • Completion Reports: W-2 and G-1 for Oil and Gas Wells
    • Production Reporting: Form PR
    • Exception to Surface Casing requirements: Form P-13
    • Rule 37 / 38 Applications
    • P-5 Organization Report
    • P-4 Authorization to Transport Oil and Gas
    • Other miscellaneous filings with State Agencies

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Agent Services:

    We will handle all of your monthly regulatory filings with the various state agencies and help you catch and correct overproduction and nomination problems, insufficient allowable, incorrect test filings and other administrative problems that may arise. This will free you to devote your time to more productive aspects of your business by no longer having to deal with the necessary paperwork on your wells.

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Hearing Preparation:

    We can help you in the preparation of your case before the Railroad Commission. Our geologist, Roland Baker, is also available for technical presentation at hearings.

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Environmental Services:

    Phase I Environmental Review Support Services. Obtaining records on the location’s distance from pipelines (crude, natural gas, & product), copies of the Texas Water Commission’s located and platted water wells, wetlands and flood plain maps, and finally verifying the status of any oil, gas or injection wells near the subject site. We can obtain Texas Commission on Environmental Quality data, such as underground storage, tank registration/certification, oil spill reports, air control board data, solid waste permits, etc.

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